Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ashten and AJ
AJ loved standing here for some reason, he spent a lot of time here over the weekend Dad doing dishes, lucky them (and us) they had a trailer
Aj, Wes, and Kristin
Ashty, Armand, Dad, and Mom playing games
The weather cleared up for a little bit today. The ranger came over and taught the kids about some fungi, trees, bugs, and animals. This and picking up litter certified them as Junior Rangers.
Ashten and Ashley listening to the Ranger.
Ayden learning about fungus that grows on trees
AJ lost interest after about 2 minutes
Picking up litter to become Jr. Rangers
Receiving their certificates
Presenting the newest Junior Rangers
Ashten and Ashley playing with play dough Ashten, Armand, Mom, Ayden, Dad, Toni, Wes, and Kristin
It was a long day for Ayden
and Ashten
Armand, Mom, Ashten, and Toni
We went to Potlatch State Park over Labor Day Weekend. The forecast: RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN! Tent camping in the rain is ridiculous. We actually stayed dry the first night, the second night was a little wet, and by the last night everything was soaked. We had to run a load of blankets in the dryer. Anyway, we had a great time nevertheless. We played a lot of dice and card games as well as a game of croquet in the middle of a down pour! It was a blast. The kids spent time making bead necklaces and bracelets, playing with play dough, and coloring. We will never forget this trip.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Bus...Day 2

Since yesterday did not go well as far as the bus is concerned, I decided to go over with him today and get pics. He was a little nervous, but once he saw his friends, Andrew and Angelina, he was fine. I was a proud mommy to see him get on the bus like a big boy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Ayden on his first day of school
Today is the day we've been waiting for for months ... or maybe years? Ayden has been so excited to start school especially over the last few weeks. Last week he was so worried that he wouldn't get to go because we had told him that he had to finish his Kindergarten workbook before he went to school. He sat for hours (despite me trying to persuade him to go play) working on his workbook and finished it after completing 65 pages!After he went to bed last night I went grocery shopping and got lots of yummy lunch foods, then packed his lunch. How exciting!

PB&J cut into a dinosaur shape, Root Beer (which you aren't allowed to bring to school oops), apple sauce, string cheese, carrots, grapes, and cookies. And most importantly...a noodle!
This morning, everyone got up at 8am. Ayden started getting ready for school. He was SO excited to get on the bus, and get to school. We walked over to the bus stop, but when the bus came he would not get on. I even carried him on, but somehow he managed to dart right past me leaving me on the bus. The bus driver said to drive him, so that's what I did. I left the little boys with Armand so I could go on the class tour with Ayden. He was a little clingy, but after a few minutes he was fine.

Waiting for the bell to ring and Mrs. Sharp to come out of the class Putting his lunch and backpack in his cubby
Making his name tag
Sitting on the mat to take roll
Talking about how lunch works. Don't they look so little at the big lunch table.
Good boy, listening to his teacher Mrs. Sharp talking about how the kids will get home.They made their name tags, took roll, and then went down to see and talk about the lunch room. Afterwards, it was time to say goodbye. He was tearing up, (I was trying to think of something to say to make him feel better.) Then I remembered the NOODLE! Before I had gone shopping for lunches, I asked Ayden what he wanted in his lunch. He said 'peanut butter and jelly and noodles'. I said that I wasn't sure how to get noodles in his lunch cause they would get cold'. He informed me that he meant the 'skinny long stick noodles'. Translation: Raw Spaghetti noodles. Luckily, at the last minute last night I decided to pull his lunch box out of the fridge and stick a noodle in it. So I said to him: 'Ayden, there's a surprise in your lunch box, and I'm not going to tell you that it might be a noodle.' He started to laugh, then hugged and kissed me, and went on his way to tell his friend Gunnar about the noodle. Phew!
Ashten, AJ, and I went to wait for Ayden at the bus stop. The kids were sooo excited to have Ayden come home.
AJ waiting for "AhEee's bus"
There was nothing more exciting to see this big boy jump off the bus, rush up to me, and almost knock me down. What a sweet boy. I know in a year or two he will be begging me not to come to the bus stop.
Andrew, Angelina, Ayden, Ashten, and Anderson
We are so proud of our big Kindergartner!! We love you Ayden!!!