Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Taylor Wedding

Troy, Nathan and Polly, Scott and Carly, Carol and Brian, Gabriel, and Jason
Mom, Aunt Vicki, Uncle Brian, Aunt Elaine, and Aunt Julie
Hillary, Anderson, and Me
Ayden had a headache, but he started having fun after a little neck rub from Mommy. Plus, once he saw his cousin Gabriel, he was fine.
After the reception Carly and Scott left to sparklers, the kids thought this was super fun! AJ and Grammy
This evening, after spending the day organizing the office at Daddy's shop, we headed out to Mill Creek for my cousin Carly's wedding reception. They started out with a small ring ceremony, and then had delicious food and cake. The kids were playing with their cousin, Gabriel and some other kids. They had a good time. I love when the kids can get together, it is so fun to watch them pick up their friendship right where they left off.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Double the Kids Double the Fun

Ayden feeding his goat Ashten trying to feed his goat while Doggy tries to steal the bottle
Before we went to Disneyland, we had decided that we were going to buy some goats, so that they would eat our blackberry bushes. Today is the day that we went to pick them up. Armand decided that we had to get three goat kids, one for each of our kids. Easy for him to say;) They are 7.5 weeks old, and still need to be bottle fed. We are in the process of weaning them. Anyway, we thought we could block them into a small area of the yard, but they are way smarter than we thought. Now they just roam around our yard and are not fenced in at all. They love to eat the dandelions, everyday they clear out the whole yard of them, and in the morning new ones have grown in and the goats clean them out again. Armand and I have named the big boys goats: Pibb and Pepper. Anderson's goat was given a name by himself, and that is: Doggie (of course).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Boy

After the party Anderson got a shower, and I decided that I better take his two year old picture while he was in a good mood. Here a a few of my favorite pictures of him from the 'photo shoot'.

His face is too funny here

In case you can't tell he is saying ... CHEEEEEESE!
Anderson Jayce, Happy Birthday!

I love you SO much because:
*You are such a sweet boy.

*You always make me smile.

*You are so cuddly.

*All animals are a doggy to you, unless it's a cow...then it's a 'moo'.

*You still love to sleep (usually about 18 hours a day)

*You love your Daddy you just light up when you see him, and your brothers.

*Even though you can't say 'I love you', you try your best to sign it.

*You have a passion for your thumb, which makes me happy now, but I know I'll be sorry later.

*You surprise me everyday with your big (for a two year old) sentences.

*There's not much that you won't eat.
* You love to be helpful, as much as a two year old can. You put your dirty diapers in the garbage, bring me your jammies at bedtime, and sometimes you even put the silverware in the drawer (even though you are so little you can't even see way up there).
*I LOVE that when you hear Taylor Swift singing 'Love Story' you dance, and that your version of dancing is nodding your head up and down.
*I love the proud look you get when you jump up with both feet off the ground.
You are such a blessing to your whole family.
We love you!

The Terrible Two's Have Begun

The fish cake
Ayden, Grammy, Toni, AJ, and Ashten Kristin, Wes, Ashten, and Papa
AJ walked around with his hot dog like this even after it fell on the ground
Opening his presents
AJ blowing out the two candles. He was trying to put them out with his fingers at one point.
Since we were on the road for AJ's birthday yesterday, we have no pictures. Besides he was too cranky after being in his car seat for more than 24 hours (with a little break here and there of course). Today, is AJ's birthday party. I already had the fish theme in mind because I thought it would be so cute to make a fish out of a round soccer ball pan. I usually decide on my theme depending on what cake I feel like making. I spent the morning making the cake, I think it turned out pretty cute and kind of funny looking. After the cake was done I worked on the salads and other food prep. I was semi-stressed because the party was set to be at Alderwood Park, but the weather looked bad and said it should rain from 4-6pm right during the party. I cleaned up the house and set up some chairs, but then after talking to Mom, I decided people could deal with the weather. Luckily, it stayed decent. My kids loved that they could play on the big toy while the grown ups ate and visited. Our plan was to move our grill to the park but it wouldn't fit in the Tahoe so we ended up having Armand cook the meats at home and then running them across the street to the party. After dinner, AJ opened his presents. I think Ashten was more excited about the gifts than AJ was. He kept making these funny faces like he was amazed at how cool AJ's gifts were. I wish I could have snapped a picture. Anyway, then we sang 'Happy Birthday' and cut into the fish cake. We had a good time and it was nice to return to a clean house.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bubba Gump

AJ on the drive home Ayden and Ashten at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
The boys were excited to see Sponge Bob
Today, we were on our way home and decided to stop in San Francisco. We didn't even get there until dinner time, but Armand really wanted to stop. We went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for dinner. It was good but too expensive. Afterwards, we walked around, looked at the shops and watched the street performers. The kids loved the guy who spray paints pictures of San Francisco. It is really cool how they do that. Have you ever seen them? Anyway it was just a quick stop here and then we got back on the road to head home. Armand decided that he wanted to drive straight through. It was a horrible trip home and took me days to recover.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Mommy and the boys at the Chinese Theatre Daddy and the boys at the Theatre
The Walk of Fame
The kids in front of Disney's Soda shop, I guess they didn't get enough of Disney in Disneyland
AJ and Ashten checking out Donald's star
Ayden playing in the fountain
He played for the longest the other boys took their time going in
Anderson was next in Ashten just sat by for a long time watching the other boys play. He was funny too, he would stand there and time it just right so that he could run into the middle of the without getting soaked. He stayed very dry for most of the time, this got many people's attention causing people to turn on their camera's (if they weren't on Ayden and AJ already.)
After helping me start some laundry (we stayed a couple of days longer than planned and ran out of clothes) the kids crashed. Aren't they too cute and cuddly.
This morning we got up and drove to Hollywood. I have never been there so I thought it was pretty exciting. It is not really a place kids would ever want to go, but we made it as fun as we could for the boys. The kids thought that it was cool to see the Stars on the Walk of Fame. Especially since some of them were "people" they would know like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Donald Duck. We walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard for most of the day. We saw many interesting characters. Gene Simmons, Jack Sparrow, Superman, and a random jungle man with very little clothes (think Tarzan's loin cloth.) The kids thought they were pretty cool. Later in the afternoon a man talked us into going on the Hollywood Tour. We got to see many famous people's home including, Christina Aguilera's home which used to be the Osborne's, Michael Jackson's home, and my personal fave Lauren Conrad's house. We also drove down Rodeo Drive, and around other famous Hollywood spots. It was so cute because we would stop and look at these famous homes, which the kids didn't get at all. I thought they would be bored but Ayden thought we were just looking at nice houses so he would yell out every time he saw one that he liked, "Mommy, look at that house isn't it pretty."

After the tour, we were starving so we found a delicious Sushi place to have dinner. By the time we finished eating it was getting dark out and it is true that 'the freaks come out at night'. We stopped in an outdoor mall type place for some ice cream. Inside there was a huge fountain. The kids loved it and were running though it. Getting completely soaked! The boys had quite the audience. They made it to a lot of other people's home videos as they danced in and ran through the fountain. At home we wouldn't be able to get wet at this time of night because it would be too cold, but here it was still like a Washington summer day. The Californians probably thought we were nuts! Anyway, we made our way back to the car when they were done playing and got them into dry clothes, then we headed to our hotel that we had booked over dinner. It was a great day and so much more relaxing than the past week had been.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The San Diego Zoo

Mommy and the boys
Mommy and baby Koala...what a life
Isn't this eagle cool?! It is SO huge and pretty that it just looks so fake.
Anderson and Ayden checking the map. Where should we go next?
The Map...crazy right? We actually had to put X's through the places we had seen because it was so overwhelming.
The polar bear was swimming around, usually when I go to the zoo all the animals are laying around being bums.
Not sure what we were looking at here
Camel, watch out may spit.
Armand loved the peacock on the roof, we spent several minutes waiting for him to get many pictures of it.
Armand likes lots of posed pictures ... lucky me:(
Ashten, AJ, and Ayden
Ashty riding the sabre tooth
I loved how the animal areas seemed so open, not like cages
Today is our last day in San Diego. We headed to the zoo after waking up late again. We've really wasted hours sleeping that could have been spent in a park, but this vacation has been nonstop so a little rest is necessary, (at least for Mom and Dad) the kids have been doing fine with the lack of sleep. Like the Animal Park yesterday this zoo is huge and overwhelming. It's so big that they have buses and bus stops that run throughout the zoo. We made use of these several times today because we would get to a point where we were going to have double back over a place we had already seen, or else we would realize we didn't have much time to see all the animals so we had to choose between them.
As soon as we got in the zoo we realized that the camera battery was almost dead...bummer! It was almost kind of nice not to have to be worrying about taking pictures the whole time, but at the same time I think the kids are so young that if they don't see the pictures they will not remember this trip.
Anyway, this zoo is so cool! There were a few 'features' that we were amazed by. One of them is the moving sidewalks. They took you from the bottom of a very large hill up to the top of it. Along the way you get to see into the animal homes. At the top of one of them is a bird aviary (I think that's what it's called). This was another really great place. Inside were waterfalls and bridges, and of course birds. The other really fun part is that we got to see a lot of animal babies. The baby rhino koala, and elephants were adorable. I wish we would have had more time at both of the parks here, but we made the most out of the time we did have, running nonstop until it closed. Afterwards, guess where we went?!? Yep, back to Sea World. This time we got there early enough that I could go on the Atlantis roller coaster again. I asked Ayden one more time if he wanted to go with me and he said YES! We got in and he started crying. The first day we were here Ashten had to get out because he was crying, so I said if you cry you can't come with me. He did his best to stop, and off we went! The people in our same car were very loud and excitable which only scared Ayden because they were screaming when there wasn't anything scary. He did fine until we went down the huge waterfall. Then he was super scared. He knew that was the easy part. Anyway, it was funny because as soon as we got off the roller coaster he said 'Mommy, you said you would buy me anything I wanted from the gift shop, if I went on the ride with you.' Oops he was right, I had said that two days ago.
The other thing we really wanted to do on our last day there was to sit in the splash zone at the Shamu show. We sat right up front, and there was no one in front of us. We stayed pretty dry until the last couple of minutes of the show, then we were SOAKED! It was GREAT!! The kids had mixed feelings about it, but they were fine after it was over. (It's a little shocking when it happens because the water is SO cold, and salty.) Anyway, off we went to go find Ayden his choice of toys there. The average cost of something in the gift shop is probably about $40.00. We were lucky that he found a basketball hoop for his bedroom door for only $11.00. What a good boy;) That's our day, we got back to the room and we all crashed nice and early.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wild Animal Park

Our familyLucky boy getting to ride around
The kids weren't the biggest fans of the areas that had birds because those parts smelled really bad
Ashten, AJ, Armand, Amie, and Ayden at the Wild Animal Park My boys
Pretending to be a dinosaur hatching from this egg
Ayden and Ashten
Isn't the park beautiful. That balloon is something you can pay to go up, so you can see the whole park from the sky.
Checking out the birds and antelope
Ayden loved looking through the telescopes, I think we stopped at every single one Ayden and Anderson feeding the ducks
This is one of the 'animal encounters' we stopped and watched. Look how high that cat can jump!
The kids were fascinated by the fact that someone got their car stuck here.
AJ was loving the splash park here. The weather was perfect. I think Armand and I were both wishing we were kids so we could run through the park and cool off. Ayden loved it too, Ashten was the only one who wanted to stay dry.
The elephants were great! Right next to their area there was a camp set up where you could pay to stay the night and sleep right next to them.
My monkey
He looks so natural there
We woke up late, and I had to take a final this morning, so we were off to a later start. We go some breakfast and headed out. Since we bought the 5 day 3 park pass yesterday, we decided that the Wild Animal Park would be fun and thought we might be able to get through the whole thing in the amount of time we had. We were wrong we couldn't make it through it. The park is 1800 acres. <--This is the map I was trying to post the actual map here, but I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, it is an amazing place. They have so many different animals. The kids loved it, but at this point it was so hot and we had been walking so much and staying up so late, that we tried to take it easy and not make it a priority to see every single animal. The park closes fairly early, so we went to dinner afterwards, and then decided to go back to Sea World for the night time Shamu show. Can you tell we really loved it!