Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An {Unplanned} Day At The Beach

I think Anderson has issues with looking at the camera.
Ayden and Ashten's volcano, "Watch out Mommy it's going to shoot out at you!"
My little Sand Angel
Someone (not from playgroup) brought a bunny...I'm sure they regretted that decision.
Here's Ben taking a turn petting it.

Spencer stayed clean for a few minutes

AJ's first swing ride...He was not impressed

Look what I found!The weather was questionable this morning but we decided to head over to Dash Point Park anyways to just play at the little playground there. I was completely not prepared for water activities. The kids played on the toys there for about three and a half minutes before they ran to the water and were soaked and sandy. The weather was actually perfect for my liking not too hot but definitely not cold. AJ LOVED the water and walked right out to it but did not like it if he fell on his bottom in it. Ayden and Ashten had so much fun finding shells and digging holes. Ayden's favorite part: "Digging water pools". Ashten's favorite part: "When I emptied Mommy's pop and filled it with sand".

ALSO: AJ can walk! I've been meaning to blog about AJ being able to walk now for awhile but usually when he sees the camera come out he gets down and crawls to me as fast as he can. I finally caught him on tape! Here he is before the sand and water!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

T-T-Turtle Turtle

Ever since Armand got home from the Philippines this last time Ashten has had some issues asking Daddy for help. This morning Ashten sat down in AJ's portable "high chair" and clipped himself in. I was busy doing something else so I told him to go ask Daddy to unclip but of course he wouldn't. When Armand was about to leave for work, Ashty started freaking out because we told him that he would have to stay that way all day untill Daddy got home. He stood at the window crying for Daddy for a long time after Armand left. I felt kind of bad for him (barely) so I made a deal that if he unloaded the dishwasher I would take off the seat. We both won!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

So, I'm not going crazy...

Sometimes, I think I am losing my mind. A few weeks ago, I lost my camera, I remembered where I had used it last but I assumed it had either fallen out of my car somewhere or stolen from my bag at WinCo. Today, we had a BBQ and ate dinner outside because it was way cooler there for once. Afterwards ,we were checking out the fruit trees/bushes and I thought it would be an excellent idea to get the kids to clean up the big toy area as they bring their toys and dump them out there only to be lost later in what we call the jungle. I was taking the broom and swatting some toys that were stuck in a blackberry bush and I saw something silver! MY CAMERA...YAY!!! Armand and I grilled the boys on who took it Ayden spoke right up saying Ashten brought it out and Ashten took the pictures. Here are some of the pictures that were on the camera...WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Ayden's chin
1/2 of guessed it Ayden's face
Ashten climbing up the big toy...Seems like a hard shot for Ashten to make by himself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Fun-filled Wednesday

Tana and Ashten are going 4X4ing. While Ayden takes a Helicopter Ride
The Noiseguy
The boys showing me their favorite partsThis morning we went to playgroup over at the Commons. Grammy came along so she could watch Tana while Brad and Britany went to lunch. The kids had fun playing and snacking. Finally, we decided we might as well go get some lunch because mostly eating was happening anyways. After lunch Grammy let Ayden, Ashten, and Tana have a ride on the toys. When we were done at the mall we went back to Grammy's house to hang out. Later, I took the boys over to the Federal Way Regional Library to see Charlie Williams, The NoiseGuy. It was a great show the mom's and kids were laughing just as much and just as loud. (If you want to catch a performance he will be over at the 320th Library on August 5th at 2pm. You have to get tickets at 1:30pm and they can go fast if a daycare shows up.) Ayden's favorite part was "a squeaky door and all of it". Ashten's favorite part was " 'practice your noise outside' and all of it". We went back to Grammy's house and had sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. I miss some of the yummy foods we used to eat when we were young it was like being a kid again, especially having my brother in town. We all had tons of fun goofing around with Brad, Britany, and Tana! But we had to get home and put AJ to bed he was not feeling well and needed some rest after a whole day with only one nap.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

O, how we love to go camping?

Ashten and Ayden
Look at Ashten's pretend sleeping...kind of scary! This is how the tent looked just after midnight when I went to check up on them...EMPTY!
I thought that it was the perfect night for a backyard camp out. So i brought out pretty much the world's smallest tent thinking it only takes a minute and a half to set up and me and the big boys should be able to fit in here fine. The kids were sooo excited! They got all their blankets, pillows, and "babies" aka stuffed animals and filled the tent up. We went through the bedtime routine: jammies, teeth brushing, prayer, and stories. Then, it was time for bed, I told them I would come out when I was ready to sleep. Of course even when in the house they stay up and play in their rooms until 9:30pm or so so I didn't expect anything less. One time I went out and the tent was literally standing on its roof upside down. They picked blueberries and snuck in the house to get water and so on. When it finally got dark, they came in and said they wanted to sleep in the house so Armand and I moved all their stuff including the tent in to their bedroom. (I was secretly happy because by then, I had realized that there was no room in the "inn" for me to sleep in there.) Then they got all cozy in their tent and were silent after that. I heard Ayden screaming around midnight so I went in to see what was the problem. He was standing on his bed looking for the door but could not see it because the tent was in the way. The tent was empty, both boys had chosen to sleep in their beds. We'll have to try again on the weekend, even Daddy said he would come and sleep out there with us if we waited til then...I think we'll have to bust out the 3 bedroom tent next time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What would you do for a Popsicle?

We know it's not nice to torment our children...but really who hasn't done it every now and then? Today was a nice warm day and it's Sunday so Armand's day to cook. He made a Filipino dish which was so yummy, but inside he had used black pepper balls whole (the one used inside a pepper grinder). We know to pick them out and so do the kids. After we were done with dinner they had all of the peppers lined along the edge of their dishes. Armand wanted them to eat one just for a reaction so I bribed them that if they ate JUST ONE they could have a Popsicle. Ashten wasted no time at all and before we knew it he had eaten all of them. We asked if they were good and he said Yeah! Then ran away saying "I have to get some water my mouth is hot". Ever since, he has been asking to eat more pepper so he can have another popsicle.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jaydeen's Petting Zoo

You look like a donkey and you smell like one too!

On Saturday, Armand did not go to work Woohoo! We hung around the house until lunch time and then went over to have some Pho Hoa. (I love that my kids eat anything and everything, it took a year or two of torture for anyone who ate with us but now that we have pushed through the hard times it's so nice to know that wherever we go, they won't starve.) Anyways, afterwards we ran super fun errands to Costco and Best Buy. The kids actually love going into Best Buy so that was pretty fun for them. They love playing with all the cell phones and cameras etc. Anyways, after that we went home and walked over to the library. They were having a petting zoo. We didn't really know what to expect but they had a little goat, a mini horse, a donkey, doggies, a chicken, a peacock, and a bunny. It was set up in the parking lot outside, it wasn't huge but it was more than I expected, I was thinking cats, dogs, bunny. Ashten's favorite animal to see was the peacock, which we couldn't pet. Ayden's favorites were "everything"!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wedge Park

Anderson, Ayden, and Ashten on the big rock
For playgroup we went down to Wedge Park in Fife. Ayden was SO excited when we drove by it he said, "WOW, look at the crazy big toy". We had a small group this week but everyone had a great time. Ayden was very happy that his friend Gunnar was there this week. On the way home he and Ashten were fighting about who's friend he was. Ayden said he wasn't Ashten's friend because, "Gunnar is in my little class and my big class and he sits in my row", as if this is the only way you can be someones friend. I love watching the kids get bigger and get their own friends.
After playgroup we drove by Grammy and Papa's house they weren't home so we called. They were at Seattle Center and had free access to pretty much everything there. Papa had a meeting at Key Arena for the upcoming Boeing strike, so they invited us out. We had the worst time finding somewhere to park (I almost went home) but Papa and Grammy met us and helped us find a place. The kids had the best time riding the rides, eating cotton candy and caramel corn, and visiting the Science Center. They loved the Butterfly House and the Dinosaurs. Earlier in the day we had gone by the huge fountain and asked the boys if they wanted to go in but neither did. As we were leaving Ayden was ready! He went right down and was soaked in seconds. Me and AJ followed. AJ was gasping for air at the shock of the cold water but he didn't cry. Ashten kept to the dry ring around the outside of the fountain for the longest time. I'm not sure what happened or changed but next thing I knew, he was running to me drenched also. It was the perfect day, we had a blast and are so glad that Grammy and Papa invited us to come join the fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McD's and Marionettes

After making a two page list of all free summer events I could find for the kids I decided that I should choose one and go. I tried to get the boys ready to go to a children's concert in Tacoma but they were whining about it so I thought that I could definitely have them ready by 2pm for story time at the 320th library. We invited Valerie and Ben to come with us and they did along with Sarah and Josh. First, we hit the new McDonald's which was super entertaining! I won't say why: to save Sarah from embarrassment;)
Story time was actually done by a puppeteer performing Cinderella and the Bug Brigade with Marionettes. The older half of the kids sat still and watched the whole thing while Ashten, Ben, and AJ were not happy about it. Today our camera got lost so there will be little to no pictures. How sad!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shaved Ice and Sprinklers

One of the funnest days for the kids and of course I forgot the camera and didn't even think about the cell phone camera:( We have been waiting all week for Sarah V's shaved ice stand to open up, after missing it last week. I was chatting with Valerie online and she said that it was all set up and ready this morning so we all got dressed and gathered up some rolls of coins (the only cash in the house). Then, we walked over (they live right across the street from Grandma B) the shaved ice was SOO good! We saw that Papa was at Ggmom's mowing the lawn so we decided to bring him one also. Papa gave Ayden and Ashten rides on the riding lawn mower which of course they loved. Before Papa left Ggmom's house he set up the sprinkler. Instantly the kids were stripping down so they could run through it. We all had fun with the sprinkler, even AJ. The boys ran through til they were soaked (I made them keep their pants on since it was set up in the front yard and all(even though they could have cared less if people saw them in their undies). Ggmom brought cookies out for a little snack and then we had to get home. No one had had lunch yet and I felt a little bad that oatmeal cookies and shaved ice had made up their lunches so far, not that the kids minded at all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alderwood Park

Ashten What a cheeseball!!
Gavin acting out Kung-Fu Panda
Gavin, Ayden and Anderson, Ashten
Cassi called us this morning, thank goodness because I was having a real hard time getting motivated to do anything other than sleep. (I had a serious sinus infection.) We met over at Kobetich Library to report the books we had read this last week. Ayden and Ashten had about 14 books each to report. AJ is still working on his books. He sleeps and eats so much of the time that he is awake that we don't usually get the reading time in that we should. After reporting and checking out some new books (25 to be exact), we walked over to the play area and let the kids play. They had a fun time playing in the trees and finding sticks. For the most part they just wanted little to do with the big toy. They went down the slide once but only so I could get a picture. I'm lucky to live by the library, if I couldn't walk there I doubt I would ever take them there and they love it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

The Playgroup Ayden found a ripe one
Ashten's searching hard
Anderson kicks back with some milk and his friend Ella

AJ is SO happy to be out of the sun and on his way home.
Our haulHaley and I with our jam.
Lots of friends came to QFC this morning to meet up and head to the U-Pick in Fife. The boys had an awesome time picking strawberries. They were excellent helpers and we got a pretty big haul (even though it's the VERY end of the season so it was harder to find good berries to pick.) They did very good at NOT eating any berries until I said it was time to go...then it was on! They were walking down the rows shoving them in as fast as they could. It was SO funny! AJ didn't know what was going on of course, until Sarah V. gave him a strawberry, once he knew this adventure was all about food he screamed between each berry. His love of food is cute for now. . . Anyways, when we left I was thinking, I don't think I'll get much jam out of this, but after playgroup Haley and her kids came over and we got to work. So far I have 3 batches and still have more to make, I hope I get a year's would be my only food storage. haha

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Les Gove

The "snake" toy is a favorite for all of my boys. Ashten has his goggles on, just in case.
Anderson wants a turn with the snake.
Ayden and Ashten waiting in line for the water gun.
Also very popular but the big kids usually hog it the whole time.

AJ finally broke the seal all the way on the yogurt.

Yummy, yogurt running down the belly.

It's always a "fun" surprise when the water comes out of one of the water toys.

Finally, we got to go to the waterpark. We have tried 2 other times and due to weather/illnesses we haven't been successful. So last week after the 2nd failure I looked online and checked out and sent out an email for anyone who wanted to go down to Auburn and hang out. We had a great turn out for this "Non-playgroup" The kids had a blast and the weather was perfect! Can't wait to go again!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We {LOVE} Undies!

So one of the best things about Armand coming home, from the Philippines, (for the kids) is that he brings them clothes. But not just any clothes, underwear! They LOVE it when they get new underwear and he brings them mass quantity, well about 12 pairs. This morning, they were watching TV in my room and when I went to check on them they immediately started to hide which I knew meant something was wrong. Luckily for me, it was nothing major just that Ayden had 2 pairs and Ashten had 3 pairs on. No wonder I have so much laundry all the time!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ayden woke me up at 5:40 this morning. I was mad but then he said that he was itchy! I looked over at him and his whole body was covered in hives. He gets them often but this time I had an idea of what caused them. All day we ate regular foods nothing out of the ordinary except before they went to bed we had to run over to Home Depot and the boys wanted some Starburst Candy. SO they ate them on the ride home and went straight to bed. Anyways, I took him to see Dr. Naylor this morning and he thinks that Ayden is probably allergic to one of the dyes used in foods. Now, I have to take him over to the allergy specialist and have him tested, he is NOT going to like this!