Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puppet Show

The Zambini Brothers Ashten and Ayden had a great time til the end when Ayden starting calling across the room at me, "When is this going to be over?" How embarrassing.
The Library is having their summer reading program which we signed the boys up for this week. They only need to read 10 books and then they get a whole bunch of things including, a free pizza, a backpack, a ticket to the Mayor's Summer Reading Celebration at the Point Defiance Zoo, and a few other things. They also have all kinds of free activities/ events at all of the Tacoma Libraries. Today they had The Zambini Brothers, Puppeteers. The show was called "The Fattest Cat on Earth!" We walked across the street to the library to watch the show. At first, AJ screamed he was so scared of the puppets. The big boys were laughing their heads off it was so cute. After awhile AJ noticed all the kids were laughing and he was loving it! He could not stop giggling. After the show was over the boys reported all the books that we had read and got their rewards. Ayden and Ashten LOVE to read books so we whipped right through their 10 books in two days. Anderson still has about 7 more books to go before he finishes his reading. Kristin came over for dinner and we watched a movie and ate way too much junk. It was a great day!

I haven't blogged much because Armand has the camera but I want to have the record of what we did this week so here's a very brief summary.

On Friday, we ran over to JoAnn's to pick up some paper for Ward scrapbooking night. Afterwards we were supposed to meet Wes and Kristin at McDonald's for an ice cream cone but we were running early. So since we needed to kill some time we ran over to the DI to look for any new board games they may have. The kids found Hungry Hungry Hippos, Wee Little Piggies, and a puzzle for Ayden. Ashten got this sword thing which is already broken and in the trash, thank goodness. They love DI probably because they get to have pretty much whatever they want there, although sometimes I say no because it's so dirty looking I don't want it at my house. After, we ran over to McD's. The boys played and ate ice cream.

On Thursday, I was talking to Heather H. and she was saying she was going grocery shopping with her 3 kids alone. I didn't know what she was thinking haha. So we joined her. First we went over to Subway in Twin Lakes, which I do NOT recommend to anyone with children or wanting to sit while eating during lunch time. The place is tiny there are only about 4 tables. Definitely NOT kid friendly. After we headed over to WinCo for some crazy grocery shopping.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Walk

AJ, Ashten, and Ayden, watching the workers
Ben, Ayden, and AshtenPlaygroup favorite day of the week. Valerie stopped by on the way to playgroup to pick up a JoAnn's coupon so we had Ben stay over so he could walk to playgroup with us. More fun for Ben than going to JoAnn's and hopefully easier on Valerie. Before we left, the boys stood out front watching the construction (Instruction as Ayden says) workers digging big trenches. The workers liked having people think they were cool! I went out to tell the boys to come back to the house and the old man with the stop sign (we live on a dead end street, he must have been real bored) said that it was okay for them to watch and he would make sure that Ashten didn't go in the street. After that we went on our way, the boys were so cute holding hands the whole way. Ayden was so helpful. I love watching him grow and take on his role as big brother. He kept good hold of Ben until Ben fell a few times and didn't want to hold hands anymore so then Ayden held onto the back of his shirt and said, "Don't worry, I got your back."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Little Sumo Wrestler

Anderson had his 12 month check up today. It's no secret that he loves himself some food or ALL food if you want me to be honest, but at his last appointment, he actually was only in the 10th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Not making him that big, although he looked it. But this appointment gave us proof of his future career: Baby J the Sumo Wrestler! He came in at 25th percentile for height (which we are happy that he moved up a little) and 90th percentile for weight! Doctor Naylor was funny about it he said, "What kind of milk does he drink?" I said, "One bottle of breast milk and the rest is whole milk." To which he replied, "Yeah, he probably doesn't NEED whole milk, I think he would do just fine with.....(thinking).....skim?" HAHA Poor little guy...He CAN'T drink whole milk if he wants to.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Armand!!

Today is Armand's Birthday which he actually almost missed. He left here on Sunday the 22nd for the Philippines and arrived there today with the time change just 15 minutes before midnight on the 23rd. That has to be the shortest birthday ever. His flight was 30 minutes early or he would have missed the day altogether. He probably wishes he would have, when I talked to him this morning he couldn't find his cousin to get a ride to Batangas and was thinking he would have to take a taxi. We love you Armand and we'll be thinking about you extra all day today! HAPPY 31st. Love, Amie, Ayden, Ashten, and Anderson

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was lucky, that the other day when Toni was here I happened to mention the Twilight series and asked if she had read them. She had of course and said that she had the 3rd book. So I read that this weekend, in between all the other million things we did this weekend and finished it today. It was good also, of course. I can't wait for book 4 to come out in August! On another note Armand left for the Philippines today...tear if you want to hang out please call me!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Nana and Grandpa Anderson Ayden enjoying his second banana split Ashten AJ, Kristin, Wes, Brian, Carol, Nana, Grandpa, and AndrewAndrew, Aaron, Aubrey, Kristin, Vicki, Hillary
Ashten and Ayden LOVED roasting their own marshmallows although Ayden doesn't like any color or warmth to his marshmallow.
Aunts Vicki and JulieMom put together this birthday party for Grandpa Anderson's 71st birthday. This week was crazy. First Father's Day, then AJ's 1st birthday on the 19th and Grandpa's 71st on the 21st and then Armand's 31st on the 23rd. We had fun hanging out with the family and eating banana splits, hot dogs, and marshmallows. We were roasting things left and right and trying to sell our best roasts to the highest bidder. I think Aaron made $5.00 for a hot dog that he didn't even have to buy. We also had the best time getting to spend time with Aunt Vicki this weekend, who came up from Arizona for the occasion. She is so cool and funny, she loves my boys, which always makes me happy, and she would touch green peppers for me, what more could I ask for in an aunt?

Meeker "Daze"

Ashten, Anderson, and Ayden in the back of Dad's '66 Buick Skylark I wanted to recreate this picture with my boys, since Dad has a picture of his 3 kids in the back of his original Skylark Jeanie, Vicki, Mom, AJ, Dad
Ashten and Ayden

The boys liked doing some puzzles at the Science Center booth

Ayden LOVED watching the trains but AJ was SO scared he would jump when the train whistle blew and then started to scream.

Ashten got his bait stolen 3 times before he caught his fish.

Papa helped Ayden catch a his fish super fast.

Both the kids were a little freaked out by their fish

The boys and I went down to Puyallup for Meeker Days with the family. They have the Buick car show there also which Dad had entered his Skylark into. Right away, Ayden was playing with this chain dividing the parking lot and the road and some how flipped over it landing on the back of his head, it was so loud on the concrete. He was scared and he has a huge bump on his head but he eventually calmed down and we went to look at all the cars. Ayden loved the dark blue ones, the police car, and the teardrop trailer. Ashten loved ALL of them and had a great time going around with Kathy, Terry, and Jeanie looking at pretty much every car at the show. We walked around the city and looked at the booths, we found a big toy for the kids to play on, which eventually caused a major melt down with Ayden. Boy was I getting dirty looks from everyone as I tried to inforce "naughty chair" Gosh people haven't you ever watched Supernanny? It took way longer than necessary but, he finally sat his four minutes and apologized. Thank you, Supernanny--oh how I love thee. We went to the farmer's market and got some yummy cherries and then we found this place where you could fish for only $2.00. It was basically a HUGE metal pool full of fish we heard there were 250-500 fish in there. Both of the boys caught a fish and we took it home for Daddy to cook. After that, we had to hurry home because it was hot and humid and we didn't want the fish to go bad. It was a really fun day and the kids were so tired. AJ was out as soon as I started the car and Ashten a few minutes later. When we got home all 3 of them slept for a few hours. Lucky me, I got to read my book uninterrupted!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Party Time

The Birthday Boy Kristin talking to Wes (of course), Vicki, Mom, Dad, and Toni
Ggmom helps Ayden with his new puzzle from Aunt Vicki
The birthday cakeHis own cupcakeHe was pretty clean for a few minutes, at least
The big boys were super excited for the new toys they would open something and squeal at the highest pitch possible...AJ look at this toy
Looking like a big boy in his new jammies from Grammy and Papa
Armand's birthday is on the 23rd but he'll be on his way to the PhilippinesToday was Anderson's birthday party. We had a small gathering at our house and it turned out to be really warm out so we had the party on the back deck. It's so nice to have a baby with a summer birthday. We had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner and then sang Happy Birthday. He didn't seem too interested in the cupcake at first but he definitely got into it later. Then, the boys helped AJ open his presents because he had NO idea what he was doing. He got spoiled by everyone! Afterwards, Armand opened his gifts from the family. We're thankful that our family could take time to celebrate with us today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby J

That is one huge baby

Anderson turned one today! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Toni came over to hang out and help with the kids. We made AJ's birthday cake...We'll see if it turns out. Anyways, some stickers came with the junk mail today, so the kids started sticking them everywhere. At that time AJ was just waking up from his nap so they went in to wish him a Happy Birthday and this is how we found him. Ayden said that they were "decorating AJ for his birthday". They are so funny. We love AJ so much. We are so blessed to have him be in our family. The kids adore him, which is so fun to watch. No one can resist his sweet face, his fat square feet, or his huge thighs. He is always hungry! He loves to play in his brother's room because we don't let him in there often. He sleeps always. He doesn't laugh much but when he does you'll fall in love. He is a perfect mix of Ayden and Ashten. He LOVES his brothers as much as they love him. He can't live without his thumb and a blankie and neither could we. He is the cutest when he's shy of Daddy. He brings so much love and happiness to our home. He is such a blessing to all of us.
Happy Birthday, Anderson. We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playgroup at the Mall

AJ's first experience at a mall toy...He's super excited!Ashten is asking, "How do you make this thing go?
Ayden is always trying to learn something
This is his tantrum face
(usually the lip is out more and almost in a square shape)
Ella, Isaac, and AJ waiting for the Mom's to order

Now that I have a car (YAY) I didn't want to have playgroup here this week, so we went down to the Supermall play area. We had a pretty good turn out considering I didn't send out the email until Tuesday. I think there were about 13 kids. Afterwards, we went over to McDonald's for lunch we took over a section and the kids ate well and seemed to have fun sitting with their friends. I enjoy getting to know the other girls in the ward. They are so fun to hang out with!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My 3 Year Old Baby

He was a little upset with me for snapping this picture,
as you can see he has his "angry eyes on". There are things about Ashten that just crack me up. He loves clips any kind any shape, ponytail holders, any sort of carrier whether it be a backpack, bag, etc that has a zipper. He is fanatic about it. At any given time you see him he will have something attached to him. When I walk down the aisles at a store I often see a chip clip or a pack of girls hair clips and I KNOW that Ashten would just fall in love with it. He has another silly little secret love. Every few months he will go into the drawer that holds the binkies (that I keep just in case someday I have a baby that is a binky lover) and he empties it. He spreads them all out on the floor and will just chose one and stick it in his mouth. It's only for a few minutes, then he's done and off to something bigger and better (probably a clip).

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Moon

I finished the second in the Twilight series. Loved IT!
Haley hurry up and finish 3 again so I can borrow! HAHA

Say {Chuck E.} Cheese!

Ayden, Anderson, and Ashten riding the trolley Hickory Dickory Dock Ashten,
and AJ ran up the clock
Ashty was a little freaked out by the over sized rocking horse.
Jocelyn, Megs, Kaleb, and Riley are making super cool ID Cards
Haley and Bella JJ and Jerrod playin a little Dance Dance Revolution
Way to go white boys!
My best friend Megan, her husband Jerrod, and their kids Jocelyn, Jayden, and Jeffery came in to town from Rexburg for an Anniversary party. Today, they planned to go to Chuck E. Cheese in Tacoma and they invited us along. Her sister Haley and her kids Kaleb, Riley, and Bella and Jerrod's brother Jon, sister in law Brittany, and 2 nieces were also there. Everyone had a blast playing all the games and rides. We love Megan and Haley's families and are so lucky to have their friendships.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

My Boys Dad and I
How precious The Real Us
Did someone say Guitar Hero?
We had a great time celebrating Father's Day at Wes and Kristin's house. They had great food at their BBQ. The little boys had fun playing in the back yard with the puppy, while the big boys had their fun playing Guitar Hero and trying to install Command and Conquer. I'm lucky to have my dad and Armand who work both work hard to support their families and who love their kids.