Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Thing Someone Took Time to Invent the Bed

Armand snuck in to check on the kids, because we kept hearing someone hitting their bedroom door. This is what he found. How uncomfortable is that?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm sure you saw and heard the thunder and lightning yesterday. I was in a very bad mood all day as I had been sick, and the kids did nothing but naughty things all day, including but not limited to: Flooding the bathroom with inches of water, breaking the sink stopper, hacking up a cantaloupe and dripping it everywhere, then flooding the kitchen with inches of water. It was pretty much heck ALL DAY!! By the end of it when the kids had their jammies on and teeth brushed, they came to sit by me for a few minutes and listen to the thunder.

Ashten: " Who makes that thunder?"

Me: (keep in mind my horrible day): "Heavenly Father!"

Ashten: "Why is He making that sound?"

Me: "He's probably mad!"

Ashten: "No, Heavenly Father doesn't get mad, we pray to him so he'll be nice to us."

(insert sound of crickets chirping here)

Ashten with his thinking face on: "What about Joseph Sniff?"

HAHAHA! What would I do with out these boys?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Days are Here Again (for now)

AJ hanging out with me watching the boys play Ta Daaa!
Ashten showing me how fast he could run in water
My boys AJ deciding how he felt about the sand on the second attempt to play in the water.
Riding the "boat"
Ayden's turn
We have been waiting for some WARM sunshine. Today was so nice. I think it was about 75 or so. I packed up the kids in their swimsuits, and we went down to Dash Point Park. I also brought some school work. While I did some math homework and studied medical terms, the kids played in the water. They also made sand angels, tried riding and surfing on a log, and skipped rocks. Anderson stuck close by me for a majority of the time. He did not like the feeling of the sand touching his toes through his sandals. I tried walking him down to the water but he did not like the waves. So he stayed by me and watched for birds, yelling "doggy!" When I got done with my homework, I took AJ down to the water again. He LOVED it and cried when it was time to go. We are looking forward to some more sun and more trips to parks.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Museum of Flight

Grammy and the boys Ayden Ashten, Ayden, and Grammy
Flying the plane
Cute little pilot
Anyone for a helicopter ride?

The boys got to make those flattened pennies

Ayden learning about the hot air balloon
Ashten's turn
So cute. Too bad about that huge scrape across his forehead (Ashten threw a book at his head)
I think this is the fighter jet they really liked
Papa, Grammy, Ashten, and Ayden
Boeing had a free day today at the Museum of Flight, so Dad and Mom asked Ayden and Ashten to go with them. It sounds like they had tons of fun! The kids wouldn't stop talking about it. While the big boys were out playing, AJ and I had some alone time. The house was basically silent. It was a really great break for me, I got tons of laundry done and did a little homework while AJ napped. <--- maybe break isn't exactly the right word now that I think about it, but still very nice for me also haha.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The baskets BEFORE the kids devoured them. The Easter Bunny brought them all new jammies, they also got movies, sandals, and lots of healthy-ish snacks.
Cute boys
Could they be any cuter?
Last night the boys put out their Easter baskets, along with carrots for the bunny. Ashten was very concerned because he thought that the bunny a)would steal his Easter eggs, and b)needed some cookies. I tried to explain that bunnies don't actually steal and that they don't eat cookies. After much consideration we decided that the bunny would be happy with the carrots and a bowl of water. I think it was a perfect compromise. This morning the kids got up and told us that the Easter bunny brought them "things". I got up snapped some pics and rolled back into bed, but not before warning them not to eat all the food in their baskets. Luckily, the bunny was smart and brought fruit cups, juice, rice cakes, and other mostly healthy snacks. I was not too shocked when a couple of hours later the food was no where to be found, just traces of litter of course. Armand made us a big breakfast, then we headed to church. Afterwards, we had dinner at Mom and Dad's house. Thanks for the delicious dinner!! We did not do an egg hunt, needless to say it was raining, I believe this is the third year in a row that we've had to forfeit. Actually, I think one year Mom had the kids over on a random sunny day to take care of that (honestly though, I'm happy that there is no candy in the house;)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Fun

Ashten getting ready to dip his first egg. Ayden
Anderson was so funny. He was sleeping during the first part of the egg dying. When he woke up and climbed up to see what we were doing he kept pointing at the eggs in the dye and saying "It a ball!"
Ayden with his favorite egg
Cheesy Ashty with his fave egg
Ayden and Ashten prepping for Peep Wars '09.
My boys
Ayden v. Ashten
Yummy peeps
After my quilt class today, I came home and helped the kids dye their Easter eggs. This is the first year that I was brave enough to attempt it with the boys. They really did pretty good. Ayden is a little bit on the clumsy side (a side effect of walking at an early age hehe), he dropped about 3 of his eggs and broke them. It gave us an excuse to eat them I suppose. The boys favorite part was coloring on the egg first with the white crayon. Afterwards, I set the three kids up to play Peep Wars. This was the first time I have ever played it, but I remember Megan used to do it with her family. First, I got on You Tube and showed the kids a video of what would happen, then we began our wars. Ashten was our first annual Peep War winner! The kids LOVED this part, and loved eating the left over peeps.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Possum

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of the "big rat". Today a baby possum showed up on our front porch looking for food. I thought he was a pretty cute little guy.

Riding in Style

Papa and Anderson Ayden, Old Ggmom, and Ashten
I forgot I could use my cell phone for camera until later, so I missed getting pics of big boys riding
Papa was going to Old Ggmom's to mow her lawn. We went over to have lunch and visit with both of them, since we had stopped by to visit Papa last week and had missed him. We had lunch there, and the boys had a tons of fun running in her huge back yard. We played tag for a few minutes. Their favorite part though was riding the lawn mower. The big boys both got to ride and they helped pick up branches in the yard. AJ got to ride also, but he wasn't too sure he liked it. It is awfully loud.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sprinklers and Skinny Jeans

Ashten and Ayden
Ashty and his jeans
Today, Ayden pulled out the sprinkler. I did not realize how nice it was outside. We got to open up all the windows and the boys had a blast in the water. Notice Ashten's boots. Nice combo right? hehe When Armand got home we had to go somewhere and deliver a trailer, so we told Ashten to get dressed. He came in and showed us his "skinny jeans". He was so proud that he was wearing Baby AJ's jeans. There were tears cried by Ashten before we could get him to change.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pinecone Fights

We stopped at the Thorp fruit stand and got some snacks. There wasn't a ton of fruit there I suppose because it's still winter Ayden showed off doing cartwheels
and rolling down the hill
The Pinecone Fight

Me and my hubby
Ashten trying to throw a pinecone at me Ashten, AJ, and Ayden
The boys think that it is hilarious for us to roll down all the windows while driving, even if it's freezing. We don't mind doing it for a few minutes, until it gets too cold.
AJ especially loves when the wind hits his hair.
Everyone was freezing except for Ashten, he was "Hot". We told him to take off his shirt; in exchange we would roll down the windows. We were freezing and wanted him to get how we felt. Finally, he wanted it up and didn't whine about wanting it down the rest of the time.
Since today was Conference, we were able to DVR church (hehe) and deliver a trailer to Yakima. I've really enjoyed Armand having us come with us. The kids have mixed feelings, they like when we get somewhere (anywhere) and do something fun. They do no like the actual drive, riding in Daddy's (stinky) car, or missing out on other things that are happening. In Yakima, the weather was great, but we didn't see much to stop and do, so we headed to Sonic for some dinner...yum! Afterwards, we headed home and stopped at a rest stop on the way. We also stopped at Snoqualmie pass to see all the snow they had there. It was amazing, but the kids did NOT want to get out. They were still traumatized from the trip to Mt Rainier. Anyways, tomorrow we are headed to Arlington and Tuesday the boys and Armand are going to Mill Creek for a delivery, while I go to Enrichment. But, I plan on losing the camera under the passenger's seat for two days, so I will spare you the blogs.