Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prepping for Halloween

Ashten, AJ, and Ayden Ashty cutting off his lid
AJ scooping out the guts
Ashten making his pattern
Ayden marking his pattern
The finished pumpkins
Ayden and his pirate
AJ with his snowman
Ashten went traditional My boys
Today we started Halloween weekend by preparing for the holiday. We turned on some Halloween music that they play on cable. Then got ready to carve pumpkins. Grammy and Papa had grown pumpkins in their garden this year and they were nice enough to give one to each of the boys. The big boys picked out their designs from a book, and I helped them tape them onto their pumpkins. They marked the outline and cut them out, for the most part, by themselves. Anderson's pumpkin after he and I scraped the insides, turned into a snowman. While the kids were cutting their pumpkins out. I made dinner. We had Halloween shaped macaroni, the kids LOVED it! Today, Ayden was the first time Ayden got to bring a book home from the library. He chose one called Halloween Pie. So while they ate, I read to them. After dinner, Ayden and Ashten finished their pumpkins and cleaned up. We had so much fun:)


Betenson's said...

What's up? No recent are acting too much like me! LOL!

I wanna see pics of the boys, what are you guys up to?

Love and miss you,


Travers Family said...

Your boys are adorable! I love their pumpkins, especially the snowman. How creative is that!